The Town of Littleton, MA

Property Assessment Data

Office of the Assessors

Kathy Miller, Chief Assessor
Celia Jornet, Assistant Assessor

Board of the Assessors

Fred Freund, Chairman
Evelyn Masson, Vice Chairman
Maureen Adema, Member
Pamela Campbell, Member
Donald Armstrong, Member

The following information is provided as a public service by the Town of Littleton Assessors Office. The information contained reflects the Fiscal Year 2019 assessments. The Assessors Office revalues properties annually.

The Board of Assessors is proud to offer this comprehensive property assessment listing service for the citizens of Littleton.

Some property information may have been changed after this listing was released for the forthcoming fiscal year. Changes resulting from database corrections, the abatement process, new construction, additions, land subdivision, or change of use after the assessment date do not appear on this file. Ownership changes are continually being updated, as are data changes from inspections. For the most current ownership information please call the Assessors office at 978-540-2410.